3 Quick Garage Door Maintenance Tips

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When it comes to taking care of your home, an often overlooked aspect of maintenance often befalls your garage door. Like other portions of your home, your garage door also requires a certain degree of maintenance, or it will begin to falter in performance. Figuring out how exactly to maintain your garage door, however, sometimes confuses individuals. Don’t worry, you’re covered. Read on and discover just a few quick and easy garage door maintenance tips. Lubing The Garage Door Tracks You don’t want your garage door’s tracks to stay dry on a regular basis, or else your garage door might wind up grinding to a halt and you will find yourself unable to open it. This issue can wind up causing damage to the tracks and to the very door itself. Take the time to lube up your garage door tracks about once a month. The process isn’t particularly difficult. However, every garage door is different and some require different lubes than others. Take the time and read through your garage door’s owner’s manual and discover where exactly you should apply the lube on the tracks and what sort of lube you should be using. Checking Your Door For Dents It is true you should check your door for dents to make sure that it continues to look nice, but there’s also a very structural reason to making sure your garage door isn’t dented up. For example, dents near the area where the door itself meets the track might mean that your garage door won’t be properly calibrated and can wind up slipping off of the track itself. This also might mean that you will have difficulty opening and closing the door manually or that the use of a remote won’t work at all. Dents in your door can also be a bit difficult to fix, depending on the extent of the damage and what sort of material your garage door is constructed from. Checking Your Door For Electronic Issues Electronic issues can befall your door just as easily as mechanical issues, so be on the lookout. Sometimes, these issues are quite easy to remedy. For example, if you notice that your garage door is acting a bit strange when you use your remote, in that it will begin closing and then open back up, and then closing again, often you simply need to reset the electronic component of your garage door. Although all garage door makes and models make use of different electronic equipment, most of them can be reset by unplugging the electronic components for anywhere from 5 to 15 seconds and then plugging them back in. Contact a garage door company like M & M Garage Doors and Service for...

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Arming Yourself for Battle with Your Garage Door

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It’s time to arm yourself for battle with the fiercest opponent—your garage door spring. Garage door spring repair might not sound like war to you, but consider that thousands of people are injured by their garage doors each year. These injuries can include severe lacerations, broken bones, head wounds, and even amputations of fingers and hands. Even professionals trained in garage door spring repair have been killed. Why is such a common household fixture such a fearsome foe? It’s sometimes the spring that causes damage. A garage door spring needs to span several feet along the length of your garage door track, but when your garage is open, these springs coil up to only a few inches. That’s an incredible amount of tension in a piece of steel coil. When these springs break or are tightened incorrectly, hundreds of pounds of tension are released wildly. Getting caught in the spring or struck by this flailing metal can really hurt. So, before you face off with your garage door springs, you’ll need to gather your weapons and armor. Weapons You’ll use several different tools to keep the enemy at bay. First, you need a winding bar to coil the spring to its proper position. The needed size of this tool depends on what kind of garage door you have, so be sure to check with your war advisers (and your garage door manual.) You may also need safety cables, cable ferrules, and stops to clinch the spring in place. Some of the other tools you need should already be in your war room. You’ll need vise grips to hold the spring in place and wrenches to screw the bolts that hold it in place. With these weapons, you will be able to vanquish the enemy. Armor Warriors always make sure they have armor for their weakest, most vulnerable spots. In this case, these points are your fingers and hands. You need a good pair of thick, sturdy work gloves. These are preferably made of a material like leather and have a strong gripping surface and cuffs that cover your forearms. The thicker the gloves, the more protection you’ll have against being cut. Make sure these gloves fit you well, too. If your fingers are too clumsy, you might get your finger caught inside of the spring. This can crush or even cut off your finger. You’ll also need eye protection if you want to win this war. Your garage is probably a bit dusty, and getting a bit of dirt in your eye can compromise your tactical advantage. Wear safety goggles that will keep your eyes safe from debris or any pieces that might attack you unexpectedly. Finally, proper tactics will keep you safe. Find a diagram of your garage door so you’re familiar with the battlefield. Warriors in strange territory tend not to fare as well as those who know the terrain. And remember, if you find that you don’t want to test your mettle against your garage door spring’s metal, you can also call for reinforcements with a professional garage door repair contractor, such as AAA Garage Door,...

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Your Guide To Finding An Energy-Efficient Garage Door

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Are you trying to make your home totally energy-efficient? If so, you should never overlook a garage door. A poorly designed door could allow air to escape, costing you more to heat or cool your home. An energy-efficient garage door will be well insulated and sturdy. Here are a few tips to get you started on the buying process: 1. Ensure that the garage is insulated. Insulating your garage and investing in an insulated garage door are essential for keeping your workspace or automobile cool or warm depending on the season. The insulation of a door is measured by what is called an “R value”. The higher your R value, which is based on the material of the door as well as the type of insulation it uses, the better insulated the door is. You should also assess the garage for potential leakage of air. 2. Think about the material the door is made of. Most garage doors are made of either steel, aluminum, wood, or composite wood. Steel is the most common option, especially because it is so durable. If you are looking for energy-efficiency, you need a low gauge steel option for better insulation. Composite wood with a steel interior also provides better insulation. You can also look for a door that has polyurethane added for better insulation. It is generally sprayed inside the door like a foam. 3. Look at the door’s layers. Obviously, a garage door with more layers has better insulation. Double and triple layer doors include standard polystyrene or thick polyurethane insulation. 4. Pay attention to hardware. You need to avoid big gaps that allow air to flow through. Well-fitted hardware and solid seals are the solution. If you are not sure how to install the different pieces, make sure to contact a professional to do it instead. 5. Say no to windows. Sure, windows look fantastic on garage doors. Unfortunately, they can allow air to leak through. You may want to consider a window with a coating designed for low-emissions if you do like this look. You can also get a window with several layers to it. You can save plenty of cash by keeping your garage insulated well, especially if you use the garage as an extension of the home. Talk to a professional from a company like El Paso Door Company about how you can better insulate your garage to increase your energy...

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Turn Your Garage Into A Cozy Home Office In Just Two Steps

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If you don’t use your garage to contain your vehicle or for any other specific use on a regular basis, the space can make for a cozy and convenient home office that provides you with privacy away from the main household. And using the garage as a home office means that your clients and business guests can visit without having to walk through personal rooms in your home. Luckily, you don’t have to invest in expensive renovations in order to create a cool home office in the garage – here are two steps you can make that will have it ready for furnishings within just a few days: Replace Your Garage Door The first step is to replace your garage door with one that has windows in it so natural sunlight can illuminate the space during the day.  The new door should also feature an inset walk-through door so both you can your clients can conveniently enter and leave without having to open and close the base door. During the garage door replacement process, it’s important to have your technician inspect the door tracts, accessories, and hardware to ensure optimal function long term. You can keep things warm in your new home office by choosing a garage door with insulation fitted within its interior. You can even find garage doors with built-in weather flaps along the bottom, which bridges the gap between the door and the ground when it’s closed. Once the door is installed you can paint it to match the base of your home so it looks more like an extension of the floorplan rather than a garage. Go from Bland to Grand Color has an effect on emotions so by painting the walls and floors in your new home office, you can create an inviting and productive space that sets it apart from the rest of your home and inspires you to accomplish your goals. Start with a base color that’s neutral, such as beige or off white. You can then trim the walls and introduce accents with the help of vibrant colors including:   Red tends to encourage both enthusiasm and excitement. Blue happens to aid in stress reduction as well as keep blood pressure at healthy levels. Yellow invokes a sense of genuine happiness and provides some peace of mind. Green showcases elements of nature that keeps the nerves calm and offers some added tranquility. Paint isn’t the only way to accent your new home office with color. Focus on the colors that are featured within the throw rugs, pillows, artwork, tapestries, and furniture that you implement into the space too. By incorporating a futon or hide-a-bed into the overall design of your new home office, it can double as a guest room when you have...

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Types Of Garage Door Openers

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Over the years, garage door openers have made many advancements by keeping up with modern technology. Your choice will depend on how durable you need the device to be to meet your needs. You will want to consider the horsepower output, as well as whether you want a belt, chain, or other device for the door’s functions. Chain Drive Chain options are the most affordable, durable, and popular choice on the market, but are also noisy when the door opens and closes. Oversized doors, heavily insulated or wind-rated doors, or heavy garage door types work best with a chain drive unit. Some of the noise can be eliminated with chain separators to stop the chain from clanking against the track. However, if the door is located away from bedrooms or in a detached garage, the noise level would not be a big factor. Screw-drive Openers A long metal rod is threaded like a screw, and has few parts that can move with this model. This is reliable but is also noisy, but are more quiet than chain driven units. More maintenance is required for this type because the metal rod will mesh against the drive with plastic teeth to catch the threading component. The drive must have proper lubrication because the teeth may become stripped with time if the drive becomes dry. This type may not work well for one-piece or heavy wooden doors. The extra weight could wear the inner works and teeth down quickly. However, it would work effectively with a single-car garage door. The thinner materials lower the weight of the door. Newer units, are faster than some of the other types of openers. Belt Drives Belt driven openers are one of the quietest units available because a rubber belt is used on a cog to close and open the door. In some cases, the door may jerk into movement when the door is opened and closed at full power. Jack-shaft and Direct-drive Openers Jack-shaft openers have no overhead parts. The opener will attach to the front wall of the garage door. Cables are attached directly to the door with a rolling torsion bar and pulleys to lower and lift the door. Some of the computerized models, have automatic deadbolt locks for added safety. However, some of these are more expensive than other models. Direct-drive openers move on a track connected to the motor by a J-arm. It still has an overhead rail with a chain, but is very quiet. Some have lifetime warranties, but may be more expensive compared to a belt drive opener. You have several choices for your garage door opener. It will depend on which type you prefer, and how much money you want to invest in the opener. One of the main elements to consider is the location of your sleeping accommodations. If noise is not a factor, any of the above units could serve your needs. For more information, contact companies like Don Johnson’s Door...

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Renovating Your Home? 2 Great Places To Install Glass Paneled Garage Doors

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Are you looking for a great way to make your space a little brighter? Before you paint your place white and invest in additional lighting, you should consider replacing a few walls with glass paneled garage doors. While typically reserved for commercial use, glass paneled garage entry doors are an increasingly popular way to make your space more beautiful and functional. Here are a few places you should consider installing glass paneled garage doors: 1: Off The Kitchen Your kitchen is a powerful source of airborne pollutants. When you aren’t searing steaks using that stovetop grill, you might be spraying powerful cleaners around your kitchen to remove grease and grime. Unfortunately, unless you can afford a state-of-the-art fume hood, you might be left breathing those pollutants as you go about your daily activities. Fortunately, glass paneled garage doors are a great way to ventilate your kitchen, without blocking the light the rest of the time. Unlike fume hoods, which can be bulky and unattractive, glass paneled garage doors let in loads of light and can be opened anytime you see fit. If you need to cook or fry a bunch of greasy foods, you can simply open that garage door off of your kitchen and let those annoying fumes funnel outside where they belong. However, if you aren’t planning on cooking, those doors can be closed to let in light and trap carefully heated or cooled air. If you are worried about that garage door driving up your energy costs, you shouldn’t be. Newer glass garage doors are fitted with efficient seals, double paned glass, and insulated metal components that prevent heat transfer and leaks. 2: The Living Room Wouldn’t it be nice if you could adjust the size of your house as you see fit? Although glass garage doors won’t add square footage to your home, they can be opened up to combine exterior areas like backyards and patios with your living room. Instead of cramming everyone inside or asking people to stay outdoors during a party, you could open that glass garage door to create a large, open area for people to enjoy themselves. If your home faces the street, your glass garage door can even act as a custom entry door, in the event that you need to move in large pieces or furniture or art. By updating your home with glass paneled garage entry doors, you might be able to harness the power of natural ventilation and make your home the envy of your neighborhood. Contact a company like Howard’s Overhead Doors Inc. for more information on getting this modern addition to your...

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The Many Types Of Garage Doors

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If you are in the market for a new garage door, then there are a lot of options out there. However, you might be a bit overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices that you will need to make. To help make your life a bit easier, here is an overview of the most common styles and materials used in garage doors: Styles Roll-up – The most common choice for suburban homes is often the roll-up door, which consists of several rectangular segments stacked atop one another. The segmented nature of the door means that a minimum of space is needed as the door moves between open and closed positions. Swinging – Next, you have swinging doors, which can operate either horizontally or vertically. As you might expect, swinging doors tend to take up a lot more space than roll-up doors. However, they do offer an unparalleled aesthetic if you are looking for a rustic look. For instance, if you want to make your garage to look a bit like a rural barn, then a swinging door is a great addition. Sliding – Finally, you have sliding doors, which do take up a lot of space, but in a different way than the prior two styles. Sliding doors move horizontally, which means that you need to have prepared a sizable area directly to the right or left of the door. For many garages, this poses somewhat of a logistics problem, so you might need to modify the layout of the garage to make room for a sliding door. The big advantage here is that sliding doors have a very unique transition between the open and closed positions, and are quite easy to conceal when open. Materials Wood – There is a lot of variety within wood, so you can get almost any level of quality at most price points. Whether you want a cheaper option like basswood or pine, or a richer option like oak or mahogany, there is a lot to choose from. The biggest advantage that wood offers is the aesthetic appeal, so if you are more concerned with functionality than appearance, metal might be a better option. Metal – If you want to get metal, but don’t necessarily want to invest in a heavier option, then aluminum is a great choice. Lightweight and inexpensive, aluminum can be a great choice for sheds and other garages that aren’t necessarily visible from the street. On the other hand, steel is inexpensive and quite strong, but you need to be on the lookout for rust. Vigilant maintenance can give your steel doors a long lifespan at a fraction of the cost of more expensive materials. For a garage door company, contact an organization such as Kaufman Overhead...

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3 Ways To Storm Proof Your Home For The Next Hurricane

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With your house being one of the largest investments you ever make, you want to be sure you do everything possible to protect it. Hurricanes cause thousands of dollars in damage. In fact, in 2012, Hurricane Sandy caused over $50 billion dollars in preliminary damages. Hurricanes can come up on your area at any time without much warning. If you want to protect your home completely, you have to be prepared ahead of time. This means thinking about everything from your roof to your garage door. If you want to set up your home to withstand the effects of a hurricane, here are some tips to consider.  Garage Doors Your garage door is the largest opening to your home. If it is hit with too much wind, it could end up buckling and the door can get torn off. With the garage door being one of the most vulnerable spots on the home, you want to equip it with the right features so it can function better during hurricane. You could end up spending over $2,000 replacing your garage door with one that can withstand hurricane force winds, or you can choose an alternative. Braces can be installed as an inexpensive alternative to help keep the door more sturdy with high winds. You can also install metal or aluminum panels that also make the garage door more durable. Check out a company like Door Depot Of SW FL Inc to find storm panels for your home. Roofs In an instant, your roof can get torn right off your home in a hurricane. In an effort to help make your roof more sturdy during a hurricane, you can install hurricane straps on your roof. These should be tied to the braces on the roof to help protect it better. This will keep the roof from tearing off due to high winds. Roof decking can also be helpful in ensuring that the roof stays on during a hurricane. Roof sheathing with at least a 19/32 inch thickness is recommended to protect your roof. This will help protect it not only from winds, but also rain.  Windows Your windows may help your home look great, but in a hurricane, they can become dangerous. You don’t want shards of glass in your home during a hurricane. To better protect your home and windows, you want to consider installing hurricane film on each window. This can cost you about $25 per linear foot. The film is great because it can remain on the window all year long without being noticed. As you prepare your home for a hurricane, you want to consult with your insurance agent to see if they offer a discount on your insurance policy for being proactive. This will help offset the costs of the renovations. ...

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Three Ways To Take Dents Out Of Your Aluminum Garage Door

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Aluminum garage doors are cheap, easy to find and purchase and relatively easy to install because they are not as heavy as any other type of garage door. Unfortunately, the qualities that make these aluminum garage doors attractive to homeowners are some of the same qualities that make the doors so easy to damage or cause people to be careless with them. If you have a dent in one or more panels of your aluminum garage door, here are three things you can do to remove the dents. Hammering out the Dents Yourself If you want to try hammering out the dents yourself, you will need a rubber-headed mallet and a gentle touch. The reason behind this is that if you use a metal-headed mallet or hammer, you can actually make the dents much worse. The metal-headed mallet or hammer will create multiple extra dents inside the large dent, giving the damaged door panel a sort of bubbled appearance.  If you would prefer a flat, even appearance, use the rubber-headed mallet to tap gently along the dents from the opposite side of the garage door. It is a good idea to have someone else stand on the indented side of the damaged panel to keep your taps from the oppositie side from moving too far forward. Otherwise, remove the panel, clamp it between two c-clamps on a work table and tap out the dents on one side while guiding the strikes with your free hand on the other side. Replacing the Damaged Panels Instead of repairing the dented panels, you can just replace them. It is also an option that some garage door repair services offer you. Just remove the damaged panels and measure them carefully before taking them and/or the measurements to a home remodeling and construction store to order fresh panels. Replacing the Entire Door If your aluminum garage door is outdated or so badly damaged that tapping out the dents or replacing damaged panels simply will not work, you may replace the door entirely. You can either do the ordering and replacement work yourself, or you can call a garage door repair service, likeAmerica’s Garage Doors LLC, who will handle the entire job from estimates to final installation and testing. Since it does take some time to remove the old door and install the new one, most homeowners in this position opt to have the repair technician handle the entire...

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What Type Of Springs Are Right For Your Garage Door?

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Most homeowners don’t give a lot of thought to their garage door or garage door opener until it’s not working properly. Then, they are either stranded outside in the rain, sleet or snow or trapped inside with no way to open the door and get their car, van or truck off onto the driveway. One of the most common issues with garage doors is faulty springs. These are the parts that keep a constant level of pressure on the door, allowing it to open and close smoothly. However, not all garage door springs are created alike. There are two main options when it comes to buying garage door springs. The option you choose for your door will depend on your budget, the size garage you have and how you use your door.   What type of garage door springs do I need? 1.  Extension springs. Extension springs are the most common type of springs used in residential garage doors and also the least expensive. They fit above the upper tracks on either side of the door. These springs extend when the door opens and provide the counter balance needed to keep the door from crashing down. However, this type of spring is also the most dangerous type and should always be paired with safety cables to keep the springs from escaping the track when under pressure and flying into the garage. To make sure that these are installed safely, it’s best to have a professional garage door technician make the repair. 2. Torsion springs. Torsion springs use torque to open and close the garage door, rather than spring tension. These springs slowly twist around a shaft when the door motor is turned on. While this type of spring is generally more expensive, it is also more versatile and safer. Torsion springs come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, with something to fit most any size of garage door. Since torsion springs aren’t under as much pressure, they don’t present the extreme safety hazard that is inherent with extension springs. What’s more, torsion springs generally have a longer lifespan than extension springs. Replacing your garage door springs–either with torsion or extension springs–is not a good DIY project. Even torsion springs are under a reasonable amount of pressure and can be hazardous if not handled properly and carefully. Professional garage door repair technicians (such as those from Door Doctor Inc) have the equipment and training necessary to do this type of repair and can get your door working again quickly and...

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